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Strength and Conditioning Coaching

We provide strength and conditioning coaching to your athletes either on the field or in the gym. We develop all the physical requirements of your sport in consultation with coaching and medical staff. All athletes receive individualised programs specific to their position, training age and specific development issues. This includes regular reports and fitness testing of your athletes. For more information on how we can assist your athletes call us to arrange an appointment.


We can assist you to develop all areas of your physical fitness program; · Research – We analyse the latest in sports science for you, tell you what scientists are saying about your specific problems and make recommendations without the jargon. · Assessment - To ensure the effectiveness of athlete training schedules we can assist in developing and applying effective tests of physical fitness. · Goal setting – We can assist athletes to set fitness goals that are realistic and achievable yet challenging, we’ll also help them get there. · Programs – Individulised fitness and strength programs based on the needs of each athlete. · Recovery programs – Recovering faster means you can train harder and more frequently. We show the right combination of nutrition, rest and training to get the best out of your athletes. · Gym setup – Maximise use of space, safety and movement of people. This service is ideal for sporting institutions, clubs and schools who are interested in sporting success. For more information on how we can assist you to develop your physical development programs, call us to make an appointment.


Through our website you can keep you and your staff updated on the latest developments in sports science. In addition we run seminars and can provide tailored education programs for your athletes and coaching staff. For expert advice on how we can assist your athletes to excel, call us to arrange an appointment.

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