Doe Je Droom Baan

Doe Je Droom Baan

Joost Veldman followed me around at CTO Eindhoven to experience a day in the life of a high performance strength and conditioning coach (Dutch)

Australian Strength & Conditioning Association


The Australian Strength & Conditioning Session is Australia's peak body for certifying strength and conditioning coaches in Australia. This is the organisation through which Australian Sports Conditioning's coach is certified.

National Strength and Conditioning Association

National Strength & Conditioning Association

The National Strength and Conditioning Association is the American professional body for representing strength and conditioning coaches. On the site you will find a number of free publications and information about strength and conditioning coaching.

Validation of the twitch interpolation technique to assess muscle activation in the leg press

Conference Article from the 2000 Pre-Olympic Congress Brisbane

All the latest sports news from Belgium

BBC Sports News

A great wide coverage of sports events and developments from around the world

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